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In the recent months, things were sort of going okay, still in my course, getting good grades and actually got a tiny bit of confidence in my art.

Plus getting along with my comic idea.

But now I'm back to the same confidence as before. One little comment sent my confidence in my art back down to the gutters.


Now all I see is deformed pieces of crap which nobody likes at all and I hate it, every part of it.

I wish I had a backbone to not give a shit about negative comments.


Dec. 4th, 2013 09:52 pm
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Not been well over the weekend. Matt had a bad cough last week and it's latched onto me.

Started out as a sore throat, then a cough where no phlegm came out then one night a load came out and it made my chest feel sore and like it ripped my insides. Then since then it's been bad coughing at night and morning and its stopping me from sleeping a lot. When its not coughing, it's sneezing.

Been trying to do a load of home remedies since money and stuff but it's all slow process.
I'm just glad that there's only one more day in college then the rest of the weekend to heal.

I seem to be getting the same type of illnesses of when I was really little. Cold sores, colds, chesty coughs, etc. Just wondering if it might be super dusty in this place and we don't know it or something...


Nov. 26th, 2013 08:29 pm
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Had a one to one a few weeks ago, apparently the only problem our lecturer had was the attendance, luckily with the garlic and vitamin c tablets, we haven't gotten ill recently. Fingers crossed that it isn't jinxed. Besides from that, I'm doing well with work.

It's getting dark earlier now too, last night, we got really depressed for no reason. Don't know if we should see a doctors for it, but last time we went to the doctor for depressed, they told me that I had to wait for the psychiatrist to send me an appointment and they said that would take around 18 months. Just hope that we can cope the winter. But I did book an appointment for counselling in college.

We're also getting really angry recently too, keep snapping at my classmates and also getting grumpy at Matt, just grumpy generally.

Bad Habits

Nov. 14th, 2013 12:51 am
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We've been smoking a lot recently. It's something we said we'd never do as a kid, my family never believed me.
One point to the family for predicting correctly, sorry younger self, we betrayed you.
Like how we had one of the best livers our doctor had seen when we were younger, now we drink alcohol a lot.
I guess this is why we got ill a lot now. We're damaging out health too much.
Oh well, it's not like anyone cares right now.


Nov. 12th, 2013 03:26 pm
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I seem to be settling into college really well. Unlike the years before, I don't have the feeling of dread and doom when I think about going to classes. The only time that happened was when I was super ill so I think it was just my mind going funny.

I think I've made a fair few acquaintances in the class too and so far as I know, I'm doing well too. I still need that one to one session with my tutor though ahahah.

I really do need to get some help with studying though, I still have this worry that I haven't completed something that the tutors haven't reminded me about.

But so far, I am still enjoying it luckily. I just hope that feeling I get usually doesn't hit me this year.
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Contact my GP and get an appointment. Not been well recently and kind of need a clarification that there's nothing wrong.

Another thing is to contact my youth worker, shits been happening plus he hasn't said any update on our washing machine.

I also need to make it a habit to take vitamin tablets and shit due to not being very well recently. Can't afford to have anymore days off college.

Clean the apartment, need to do something useful other than sitting around on my days offs ahahah.

Sleeeeeeeeeep, I have college tomorrow.
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There's no app for it but I can use it on the browser ahahahahah good bye life.
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Okay, so first time ever being on here or even being on a website like that. I think I briefly tried LiveJournal for 5 minutes when I was about idk...13? So yeah.

This account will probably be filled with personal updates, art, sketch dumps and what not.
This is mainly because whenever I try to give people an update on life or post art on other account *coughtumblr* it gets ignored and swept away in the sea of reblogs of better artists and friends talking to each other and being happy.

So I guess this is just my quite place in the internet, where I can talk to friends, upload any drawings of my characters (because I NEVER do that) and maybe role play a little bit ehehehe...

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You are good people I love you.


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