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In the recent months, things were sort of going okay, still in my course, getting good grades and actually got a tiny bit of confidence in my art.

Plus getting along with my comic idea.

But now I'm back to the same confidence as before. One little comment sent my confidence in my art back down to the gutters.


Now all I see is deformed pieces of crap which nobody likes at all and I hate it, every part of it.

I wish I had a backbone to not give a shit about negative comments.


Nov. 26th, 2013 08:29 pm
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Had a one to one a few weeks ago, apparently the only problem our lecturer had was the attendance, luckily with the garlic and vitamin c tablets, we haven't gotten ill recently. Fingers crossed that it isn't jinxed. Besides from that, I'm doing well with work.

It's getting dark earlier now too, last night, we got really depressed for no reason. Don't know if we should see a doctors for it, but last time we went to the doctor for depressed, they told me that I had to wait for the psychiatrist to send me an appointment and they said that would take around 18 months. Just hope that we can cope the winter. But I did book an appointment for counselling in college.

We're also getting really angry recently too, keep snapping at my classmates and also getting grumpy at Matt, just grumpy generally.


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