Dec. 4th, 2013 09:52 pm
pyropaws: (marco bodt)
Not been well over the weekend. Matt had a bad cough last week and it's latched onto me.

Started out as a sore throat, then a cough where no phlegm came out then one night a load came out and it made my chest feel sore and like it ripped my insides. Then since then it's been bad coughing at night and morning and its stopping me from sleeping a lot. When its not coughing, it's sneezing.

Been trying to do a load of home remedies since money and stuff but it's all slow process.
I'm just glad that there's only one more day in college then the rest of the weekend to heal.

I seem to be getting the same type of illnesses of when I was really little. Cold sores, colds, chesty coughs, etc. Just wondering if it might be super dusty in this place and we don't know it or something...

Bad Habits

Nov. 14th, 2013 12:51 am
pyropaws: (armin arlert)
We've been smoking a lot recently. It's something we said we'd never do as a kid, my family never believed me.
One point to the family for predicting correctly, sorry younger self, we betrayed you.
Like how we had one of the best livers our doctor had seen when we were younger, now we drink alcohol a lot.
I guess this is why we got ill a lot now. We're damaging out health too much.
Oh well, it's not like anyone cares right now.


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